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Traffic: Reasons why Bobi Wine’s political campaign was suspended

By Kevin Cheruiyot September 14th, 2023 1 min read

The Ugandan police have suspended the political mobilization campaigns of the opposition party National Unity Platform (NUP), led by Robert Kyagulanyi, popularly known as Bobi Wine.

The suspension comes in response to alleged public disorder, traffic disruptions, and calls for the removal of the legitimate government during the ongoing campaigns.

Inspector General of Police Katsigazi Tumusiime issued a statement, stating, “We have noticed that, in all areas where the NUP mobilization activities have been carried out, there have been total breaches to the guidelines, thus causing public disorder, unnecessary traffic jams, loss of business, and malicious damage to property.”

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The police accused Bobi Wine of using his campaigns in Kasana-Luweero District to incite violence, promote sectarianism, make illegitimate calls for the removal of the elected government, and issue defamatory statements against President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni.

“Given the above blatant breaches of the guidelines, the activities of the NUP are immediately suspended,” the statement continued.

Before this suspension, the police had prevented the NUP leadership from conducting planned mobilization activities and opening offices until they were ready to comply with guidelines and the rule of law.

The police emphasized their commitment to maintaining peace in Uganda. They expressed their determination to address what they described as the “mob mentality, bullying, and intimidating tactics of NUP radicals against innocent civilians and law enforcers.”

According to authorities, the suspension will remain in effect until the NUP becomes compliant and law-abiding.

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