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Here are the new traffic rules that could cost you upto Sh150k in Machakos

Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua has proposed stiff penalties aimed at preventing motorists and other road users from breaking traffic rules.

While addressing a news conference at his office in Machakos on Monday, the governor unveiled the road user guidelines for the county saying that one of the challenges facing the country was disregard of the law and lack of enforcement.

“This disregard of the rule of law, especially on our roads, has led to disorder, loss of production hours and fatal injuries,” said Mutua.

In the proposal, the Governor is seeking to have owners of vehicles emitting visible exhaust smoke barred from using the roads with those found breaking the rule to be fine Sh150,000.

He has also banned school buses from plying the county roads after 6:59pm. Any vehicle ferrying students past that time, the governor has proposed, should be impounded, the driver arrested and the school fined not less than Sh50,000.

All the new rules, according to Dr Mutua, will be carried out by a special enforcement unit of the Machakos County Inspectorate which has been formed to enforce and ensure compliance of the rules.



“Therefore, if on transit, before you enter Machakos County from our neighbouring counties of Nairobi, Makueni, Kitui, Kajiado, Kiambu, Murang’a and Embu, ensure your vehicle is road worthy and not emitting smoke,” said Mutua.

Motorists found obstructing other vehicles and causing traffic congestion will also have their vehicles impounded and fined up to Sh50,000.

Motorists who enter and block intersections or stop in the middle of the road to pick or drop off passengers will risk fines of Sh100,000 for obstruction for both private and public service vehicle.

Passengers will also be forced to pay Sh15,000 if spotted either by the public, county officers or the 500 CCTV cameras littering the vehicle and all passengers will be held until they all raise a combined Sh50,000 fine.

Vehicles that are driven at night with damaged lights will be stopped, towed and a fine of Sh20,000 per missing light levied.

The vehicles, whether private or public, will be stopped and towed and will not be allowed to be driven on Machakos roads until they are properly fixed. This is applicable to motorcycles, private and public vehicles.