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Traffic snarl up as buses block major roads in Nairobi CBD

By ANGIRA ZADOCK November 23rd, 2016 1 min read

Passenger buses blocked main roads and streets in Nairobi on Wednesday evening to protest against harassment by Nairobi County officials, resulting in huge traffic snarl ups.

County askaris were involved in a stand off with the bus crews as they sought to remedy the ensuing mess.

Nairobi County Traffic boss Leonard Katana said that they were in discussion with the matatu operators to address the issue.

“We have no idea why they are protesting about. The issue is with the County council but officers are on the ground to ensure that traffic flow is not affected,” he said.

The most affected road was Moi Avenue where several buses were parked across the road, near KenCom bus stop.

Motorists have been advised to use alternative routes as the situation worsened an already bad traffic situation occasioned by the afternoon rains.