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Traffic snarl up expected as Allsopps interchange to be closed for two days

Users of Thika Superhighway should brace for major traffic congestion at Allsopps where the main road will be closed over the weekend.

The Kenya Urban roads Authority (Kura) in a notice on Thursday Friday said the section will remain shut from Saturday, August 8 to Sunday 9 from 8am to 6pm to allow for the installation of a footbridge truss at GSU headquarters that gives vehicles access to pedestrians to and from Outer Ring Road.

Kura advised Thika bound traffic to use KCA University underpass to join Thika Road.

Motorists have been advised to take precaution while approaching the area and follow the respective signs provided.

The new exchange, which was commissioned in April last year has since eased traffic at the interchange of the busy highway and Outer Ring Road.

Outer Ring was opened almost two years ago but traffic on the road has worsened, forcing Kenya Urban Roads Authority (Kura) to build a new exchange linking it to Thika Road.

A pedestrian footbridge put up at the GSU and Allsopps interchange on the Thika Superhighway to ease the flow of human traffic along the busy road. PHOTO | FRANCIS NDERITU

There have also been several design afterthoughts on Outer-Ring Road— including the ongoing construction of a middle road on the space between the two sides of the road after street lights had been completed in Umoja.

In a notice issued early last year, Kura said the junction that links Outer Ring Road to Thika Road would be constructed for about three months.

The Thika Superhighway is one of Kenya’s busiest roads, handling about 200,000 vehicles daily.