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Tragedy as lethal gin kills 14 people in Uganda

The lucky survivors of a toxic gin concoction that killed 14 people in Uganda have narrated their ordeals as they recuperate in various hospitals.

The toxic brew has also left others blind. The survivors were taken to Arua Referral Hospital after showing signs of headache, backache, recklessness and difficulties in breathing.

The victims and survivors are believed to have consumed a locally manufactured spirit called City 5 Pineapple Flavored Gin over the weekend in Madi-Okollo district.

“It was dark and I couldn’t see. My family tried talking to me but I was not even able to respond,” said one survivor by the name Norman Bradebo.

Dr Onesmus Misoa, Principal Ophthalmology at Arua Referral Hospital, said 14 people who survived the lethal brew have been discharged with some having lost their eyesights.

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“Out of the 14 discharged, there are four who have partially or fully lost their eyesight. Some are not able to see as they used to before taking the gin,” said Dr Onesmus.

At the same time, the police have issued a warning to those still selling the illicit brew.

Nile region police spokesperson, Josephine Angucia said that four people have been arrested in connection to the incident.

“We want those operating such activities to stop. We have launched an investigation to bring to board all those involved. So far we have arrested four people and the owner of the manufacturing plant is on the run,” Ms Angucia said.

The Uganda National Bureau of Standards has also said it is investigating the content of the deadly gin.