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Tragedy averted as tenants ordered to vacate Kasarani building – PHOTOS

By MWENDE KASUJJA November 10th, 2017 1 min read

Tenants of a five-storey building in Kasarani were on Thursday evening ordered to vacate after it started showing signs of collapsing.

The building in Kasarani’s Springs Estate developed cracks on its pillars on Thurday.

Police officers and officials from the National Construction Authority (NCA) arrived at the building to ensure tenants complied with the vacation order.

Next to it is a building under construction which has also been condemned and construction works halted. Its owner has been served with an enforcement notice with instructions to immediately stop construction.


NCA officials on Friday morning marked both buildings as structurally unsound..

The landlord whose tenants were vacated blamed the cracks on the pillars to lack of space between the two buildings.

Residents said this is the third time that the building under construction has been marked for non-compliance.

“The previous marks were removed by the construction workers and the foreman and they have refused to put a netting and mabati barrier,” said Maina, a resident.


NCA investigating officer Engineer Crispus Ndinyo told Nairobi News that the suspension order that is given when the buildings are marked is supposed to be enforced with the help of other agencies.

“We already have an OB number for that site and we expect police to enforce the suspension order,” he added.

“A team drawn from the various agencies will conduct some tests and a report will be compiled with recommendations as to what needs to be done before it is cleared for occupation,” he added.

By Friday mid-morning, all occupants had vacated the building and construction stopped at the neighbouring site.