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Trailer collision makes motorists spend night in Naivasha traffic jam

Motorists were forced to spend the cold night on the Naivasha-Nakuru highway following a huge traffic snarl-up on the major international trade route.

The gridlock started at around 10pm on Thursday after two trailers collided, blocking both sides of the lanes.

Four people sustained injuries and were rushed to the Naivasha Sub-County hospital for treatment.

“I arrived at the scene immediately after the crash but managed to evade the snarl-up using an old road close to the highway,” said Patrick Marine, a motorist.

For Nairobi-bound Naftary Njoroge, who talked to the Nation, he said he has been stuck in the jam for close to three hours.

“It’s very frustrating. We are virtually at a standstill and I was supposed to be in Nairobi by 8am to attend to some personal matters,” he said.

Drivers and travellers stranded on the highway agonised over the situation with some motorists seeking alternative routes through the bushes.

“No vehicle is moving on either side of the lanes. We are not even sure how many hours it will take to clear the road,” said Mark Agutu, a Nation Media Group employee who is also caught in the traffic.

A senior police officer blamed the situation on impatient motorists who obstructed traffic flow as they sought alternative routes near Marula area.

“Police were already on the accident spot before intolerant drivers started overlapping,” said the officer.