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Transfer of city police bosses nullified over bribery, tribalism

By STELLA CHERONO February 17th, 2016 1 min read

The office of the inspector-general of police has nullified the transfers of chief inspectors, a day after a circular was released.

Sources indicate that Mr Joel Kitili, the acting deputy inspector-general of police in charge of the Kenya Police Service, declared the transfers null and void after revelations that the process was marred by bribery, tribalism and nepotism.


Mr Kitili early Wednesday morning sent a circular to regional coordinators, formation commanders, county commanders, all divisional commanders and directorates cancelling the redeployments.

“The acting DIG of Kenya Police Service has treated the referred deployment null and void and the officers affected by the deployment should remain at their former stations,” the circular states.

The intended transfers, announced on Tuesday evening, touched on only regular Kenya Police officers. Officers from the General Service Unit and the Administration Police were not mentioned.


At least 13 police station commanders were listed for transfer from Nairobi and their positions were to be taken by newly promoted officers.

Long-serving Buruburu OCS Chief Inspector Johnson Matoke was to be transferred to Sotik as the staffing officer in charge of personnel.

Buruburu would then get a new OCS, Chief Inspector Chepkorocho Masai, who was to move from the Kijipwa Police Station.

Chief Inspector Stephen Lelei, who was feted for his bravery during the Westgate siege, would have been the new Industrial Area Police Station boss, to replace Mr Amos Shamalla, who was scheduled to move to the Kajiado County headquarters.

The officers had initially been asked to report to their new stations by February 20.