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‘Trash music’: Khaligraph Jones, Naiboi face up to nasty side of fans

Kenyan musicians Khaligraph Jones and Naiboi have been trolled for throwing shade at Kenyan fans who prefer Nigerian music over local productions.

In a shade post, Khaligraph said he is planning to sponsor 10 Kenyan artistes for a trip to Nigeria to see if the fans there would recognize them the way Kenyans love Nigerian artistes.

Naiboi re-shared the post, adding that he was sponsoring five more for the trip.

Kenyans on Instagram descended on the two with vitriol lamenting the poor quality of Kenyan music.

walterozembo commented; “@khaligraph_jones @joewmuchiri…You expect us to listen to trash like ‘nakuja kukupiga stick, nakuja kukupiga miti, I know you have been yearning, juu najua ishapita kawiki’ and support this?”

owen_ndungu_p wrote; “@thenaiboi sasa uta perform aje lamba lolo kwa country za nje? How? Kenyan music is for drunkards and wezi wa odi.”

Shemmwangangi stated; “Peeps here complaining too much but why should we be made to listen to music that is barely uninspiring just because it’s a Kenyan artist??.”

Amfaizhusseyn added; “@bahati_family why should we support Kenyan artists who do whack music? Mtoe wimbo ya nguvu and see Kenyans supporting you without telling them.”

shish_shi commented; “??????I support but I honestly believe most of Kenyan music lacks content you can enjoy to listen to more than twice…actually some of ya’al artist think that being extreme n vulgar is hot n will be wanted nah…being esp. naughty will make that music scritchy to the audience…bongo music n Tanzanian music has lots of content n if one gets down to the meaning they have to dig deeper unlike the Kenyan counterparts…tell artist to make music with content n fun to listen to…I however honestly think naija music is overrated would listen to Kenyan radio playing 5 consecutive naija songs….have you been bewitched making such a playlist….we want ours but pls note…content n interesting is key.”