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Traveling for Christmas? Here is the updated fare list

In December, most Kenyans travel from major cities such as Nairobi, Mombasa, Nakuru, and Kisumu to rural homes to join their families for Christmas and New Year celebrations.

In Nairobi, travelers were shocked to discover that fares had been increased at many bus stations and booking offices, leaving them scratching their heads as they dug deeper into their pockets.

The Kenya Railways booking office for the Nairobi-Kisumu train reports that all seats are booked up to December 26, indicating that most people travelling to the Nyanza region, Western and Rift Valley have opted for the train.

Long ques at the Guardian Bus offices in Nairobi. PHOTO WILFRED NYANGARESI

Following the assessment on the ground, the train is the cheapest option for travelers who will be booking regular seats.

From Nairobi to Kisumu, regular seats go for Sh600, while the VIP seats are being booked at a cost of Sh2,000.

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The Kenya Railways introduced the Nairobi to Kisumu and back daily Safari train running up to January 14, 2024.

The Kenya Railways management also introduced the daily trains to and from Nanyuki starting from December 22 to January 14, 2024.

For those using buses, the fares range between 1,800 to 2, 000 from Nairobi to Kitale, Kisumu, Bungoma, and Eldoret, which has been revised upward from the normal Sh1,400.

The shuttles heading to Eldoret from Nairobi are charging passengers Sh1,700, and those heading to Kitale are paying Sh2,000.

Hustle and bustle as buses are leaded for the long distance journey. PHOTO WILFRED NYANGARESI

At the bustling Country Bust station, minimal activity is observed as operators lament the decreased number of individuals journeying to their hometowns this year in contrast to the previous year.

“There’s hardly any business this season. Just take a look, it’s almost midday, and numerous buses are still idly parked, awaiting customers. Last year, people began their travels in early December, unlike today,” expressed one of the station’s operators to Nairobi News.

However, Ena Coach is the only operator that has not hiked its fare, retaining its Sh1,600 for Nairobi-Nakuru routes and S2,000 for Nairobi-Mombasa routes.

This has seen Ena Coach seats being fully booked from December 19 to January 2024.