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Trend presenter Amina Abdi mourns grandmum

Media Personality Amina Abdi is in mourning after her grandmother passed on a few days ago.

The Trend presenter shared the news on social media and further suggested the deceased succumbed to complications moments after receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.

“I recently lost someone dear to me and it’s been a tough couple of days,” she said on social media.

“We lost her due to complications with the vaccine. We tried everything to save her but Allah loved her more.”

“My grandmother meant the world to us. She always had the funniest responses to my random questions about life. So blunt and honest.”

Amina also celebrated her grandmum as her mentor and someone who shaped her in life.

I’ve learnt so much from her. I’ve grown into the woman I am today because I had a strong woman like her guiding me and rooting for me always. I am forever grateful and I miss her already.”