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Trending Mubaba ‘was fishing out drugs’ at nightclub when video was recorded

The famed assistant chief who was caught in a video dancing to the Kuna Kuna hit song has revealed he was doing an undercover operation when the music played.

The man identified as John Migun shared in an interview it caught him by surprise that he had started trending adding that the events of it were completely unplanned for.

“We had just finished doing our patrols, so we got into somewhere for some late lunch then headed to another place where we were doing some undercover operation of unraveling drug abuse. It was while we were here that the song was played and since I love the song, I danced to it,” the Northern Sub-location chief explains

Since the video went viral, Migun shares that he has been able to interact more freely with the youth who now give him information on illegal happenings.

Adding that he is an international basketball coach and trended a little for it, Migun shares that it is all in the will of God that he trended by dancing to a song.

“Trending has enabled me to have outreach with residents.”

Explaining why he is termed as Bebi, Migun said the name was given to him by his maternal grandmother owing to his handsomeness.

“The name has been widely used up until I even finished school, so I can’t just ditch the name,” he said.

With the video going viral during the festive season, Migun’s dancing styles, way past their shelving dates, amused netizens as he lived the best of life in the overly crowded nightclub.

Additionally, he was lauded for enjoying the time he had on his hands because tomorrow is not guaranteed.

Others simply loved that he was a mubaba (older, moneyed man often targeted by younger women) who was enjoying his time without young girls hanging onto his arm.

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