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Trevor Ombija: Why makeup is a must for male news anchors

Although makeup is popular among women, there are men who have fully embraced it. Among male TV journalists, applying makeup is a daily indulgence.

This is because when the camera is on focus, it gives a dizzy appearance even to the slightest sweat on the face. TV journalists use talcum and face powders regularly to make their faces appear clear.

Recently, Citizen TV news anchor Trevor Ombija shared a video of himself doing his own makeup as he prepared to air the Monday Report. In the video, Ombija is seen finalizing his makeup as he applies powder on his face.

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“This is what we do behind the scenes before we go LIVE, it takes an entire team working tirelessly to put the show together. @citizentvkenya #mondayreport,” Ombija captioned the video.

In the video, Ombija is also seen jovially making some musical moves, a sure sign that he is psyching-up himself for the news.

Larry Madowo applies makeup. PHOTO | COURTESY

On March 25, 2023, media personality Larry Madowo similarly debunked the myth of makeup being a woman’s thing.

And to prove his point the CNN International Correspondent shared a photo of himself applying light makeup before a live coverage.

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In the photo, Madowo is seen with a makeup brush while trying to spruce himself up for the cameras.

“Getting ready to go live on CNN from Casablanca. Forget toxic masculinity, even men wear makeup on TV,” he tweeted.

Madowo and Ombija are very close friends. The duo also worked together at Nation Media Group before Madowo left. Trevor was later poached by his current employer Citizen TV.