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EXPOSED: Tricks matatu operators have now employed to avoid arrests

By NYABOGA KIAGE November 24th, 2018 1 min read

Details of how Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) are successfully avoiding police blocks within Nairobi’s city centre can now be revealed.

Along the Thika Superhighway most buses are avoiding the service lane where traffic officers are placed in different sections of the road.

Unlike last week when the officers were operating on all parts of the road, they have now moved to the service lane.

On Tuesday and Monday morning most PSVs avoided the service lane at the Garden City bus terminus where a number of matatus had been nabbed.


Another method the drivers were using is leaving the busy super highway through Garden City bus stop and joined Kuja Road at the Huruma round about.

It has also emerged that unroadworthy vehicles that are yet to comply with the Michuki rules and regulations only operate during the day as from 11am and 5pm and avoid working during rush hour.

Other drivers also give their colleagues tip-off on whether police officers are on the road or not.

Passengers are also improvising new tricks especially if they are seated on seats without safety-belts.


Some passengers have resorted to just placing one part of the belts on their laps until they by the pass road blocks.

This is because traffic officers are no longer entering the buses and matatus to check whether all the passengers are in belts.

Other PSV’s carry an extra passenger who occupy the tout’s seat. Whenever they approach a police block, the touts jump out of the vehicles and only board back after the road blocks.

The new tricks have been unearthed exactly one week after the government announced a nationwide crackdown on public service vehicles.