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Trio Mio talks, studies, stalkers, and haters

By Wangu Kanuri January 22nd, 2022 1 min read

Trio-Mio, Kenya’s teenage rapper, says ladies have been throwing themselves on her since he was 16.

“These things did not start now that I’m 18, they started even when I was 16,” he says.

Additionally, the musician, best known for his Sipangwingwi hit, says he’s enjoying partaking his studies and enhancing his music career at the same time.

Real name Mario Kasela, Trio-Mio is the high-school student who rose to fame during the Covid-19 lockdown when he released Cheza kama wewe song.

The song, featuring superstars such as Mejja, Exray and NellyTheGoon was warmly received, and is considered a benchmark under which the youngster launched his career.

Even as he receives criticism and love from his fans, the young rapper has remained outstanding in his music.

Additionally, the youngster’s uncanny resemblance to the late E-Sir had been an online debate with many comparing him to the veteran.

Trio-Mio said he did not know the musician but came to know him after the comparison.