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Trisha Khalid on what she thinks of video vixens and why she will never be one

By Winnie Mabel December 16th, 2022 2 min read

Kovu actress and popular TikToker Trisha Khalid sat down to an interview earlier this week with a local media house, Buzz Central, where she spoke about her acting career, popularity on  TikTok where she has 1.8 million.

Her social media following attracts all sorts of messages in her direct messages.

She and the interviewer had been speaking regarding the craziest DMs she has encountered in her inboxes and she ended up revealing she was getting them from men in various industries including politicians, top businessmen and music artistes.

Trisha Khalid
TikTok star Trisha Khalid

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In one of those DMs, an influential man insisted on giving her money and when he realized Khalid was not jumping at the bait to seek him out, he wondered what was wrong with her.

“But most of the musicians who come to my DM want me to be a vixen in their music videos but you see I’m not a vixen. Me and dancing on camera is a no. I can’t be a music vixen, I can’t. I did two songs (before) and it’s not something I can do (again),” said Khalid.

Trisha Khalid
TikTok star Trisha Khalid

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She, however, clarified if it was required of her to be an acting vixen in the music video, where there is a storyline, she would do it as opposed to twerking in front of cameras.

“I can do that but you know now, these days people have the perception that if you are a vixen, after the music video shoot, one goes for further issues with the artiste. You end up having to explain to people that ‘no, nothing happened’ and so forth. That is the time I do not have (to explain myself). I’d rather avoid it,” added Khalid.

Trisha Khalid
TikTok star Trisha Khalid

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One of the most infamous video vixens around is Tanzanian socialite Hamisa Mobetto who starred in Diamond Platinumz’ and Rayvanny’s Salome music video and went on to have an illicit affair with him while he was in a committed relationship with Ugandan socialite Zari Hassan.

This affair ended up being exposed and causing Zari to ditch Diamond.

TikTok star Trisha Khalid
TikTok star Trisha Khalid

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Hamisa also ended up conceiving with Diamond a son but the trio hasn’t been a stable family for years as Hamisa went on to accuse him of being an absentee dad who wasn’t providing for them as he does for his other children across East and South Africa.

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