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Trouble in UDA as Nairobi MCAs seek removal of Minority Leaders

All is not well within the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) party in Nairobi County as Members of the County Assembly (MCAs) gather signatures to unseat party leaders in the Nairobi County Assembly.

UDA is the Minority Party in the County Assembly with Waithaka member Anthony Kiragu being the Minority Leader, deputised by Nairobi South member Ms Waithera Chege, and Umoja One member Mark Mugambi Macharia being the Minority Whip.

A faction of members led by Ms Waithera has passed a vote of no confidence in the Minority Leader and the Minority Whip.

A total of 35 members signed a petition to remove the two leaders on the grounds that they had failed to unite members in the County Assembly.

The meeting, chaired by Jeremiah Themendu, further discussed the lack of integrity and respect for other members of the County Assembly, poor representation of the party in the assembly, disobedience to party instructions in committee membership, and excessive individualism on the part of the leaders.

“On the basis of the aforementioned grounds amongst others, there was a proposal for the leaders to be relieved of their duties and responsibilities,” minutes of the meeting reads.

Standing Order 23(8) states that a member designated for Majority, Minority, and Whip positions may be removed by the party or coalition of parties that designated him or her by two-thirds of votes of all members of the second largest party or coalition of parties in the County Assembly.

The members nominated Ms Waithera to communicate the changes to the office of the Speaker of the County Assembly which is in accordance with the provisions of Standing Order 23(9), which reads:

“The Whip or the Deputy Whip in absence of the Whip in absence of the second largest party or coalition of parties in the County Assembly shall forthwith, upon a decision being made under this Standing Order, communicate to the Speaker in writing the decision together with the minutes of the meeting at which the decision was made.”

In his response to the launch of his removal, Mr Kiragu admitted that there was a meeting held with an agenda of kicking him out.

“My critics are not happy with my ambitions of going for a bigger seat and with the help of their sponsors they have decided so but that won’t stop me from vying for the Nairobi UDA chairman position,” Mr Kiragu said.

He stated that UDA is not a small party and that it is not ready for cowards who have doubts.

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