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Troubled land: First it was Simmers, now Pimp My Ride demolished – PHOTOS – VIDEO

Controversy surrounding a prime piece of land located in the heart of the city, where Simmers Restaurant once stood, continues after an excavator demolished a garage built on it.

The garage owner was on Monday morning caught unawares after it was demolished on grounds that it is an illegal structure. Several stalls built in the garage were also affected

The garage, Pimp My Ride, was opened soon after Simmers Restaurant was demolished a year ago.

A stall owner owner told Nairobi News that they were not given any warnings by City Hall and were only told to vacate after they had opened their businesses in the morning.

“We were told to pack up things and get out and within minutes they started breaking the doors and windows,” he said.

Another affected stall owner wondered why the County government issued them with licenses if they were on an illegal piece of land.

City Hall is yet to issue a statement on why they have demolished the business complex.