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Trump’s ‘shit hole’ slur returns to haunt Melania during Africa trip

US First Lady Melania Trump has already encountered hostility and unfriendliness during her visit to four African nations.

While in Malawi, a Bloomberg reporter tweeted that Melania’s convoy passed by some women with placards written, “Welcome to Malawi not Shit hole.”

Kenyans too begun tweeting similar messages upon her arrival in Nairobi on Thursday evening asking her to pass the message to President Donald Trump that Africa wasn’t a shit hole.


President Trump made the derogatory comments in January this year as he referred to poor countries populated by Latinos and Africans as shit holes.

The comments sparked a massive uproar from immigrants prompting the President Trump to deny the comments.

Melania chose to tour Africa in her first solo trip and even as her focus on children in developing countries is clear, Africans had a message for her husband.