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Trump’s well-intended birthday message to Melania goes horribly wrong

Another Trump has trended on social media after a well-intended tweet went horribly wrong.

Melania Trump, America’s First Lady found herself the butt of jokes after her husband, the US president, Donald Trump wished her a happy birthday on Sunday evening. Americans on social media took the chance to make fun of her.

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump posted, “Happy Birthday to Melania, our great First Lady!”

The tweet received over 44,000 replies and 58,000 retweets. Most who replied dug into her former career as a model, some even posting nude photographs she had posed for, comparing her with previous first ladies including Nancy Reagan and Michelle Obama, and even bashing her for the way she received citizenship in the United States.

”Happy Birthday Melania! Your orange hubby spent years calling for Obama’s birth certificate. I’m calling for your legal immigration papers. How the hell did you get an “Einstein” visa for extraordinary abilities, despite your blatant lie under oath about college degrees, @FLOTUS?” wondered Andrea Junker @Strandjunker.

Clear Cider @TheClearCider posted, “Has she finished the White House tennis court renovations? Because that’s what’s needed during a national Trump pandemic. Giving hope to the 54,239+ lost Americans under the Trump administration. Tennis courts.”

Mrs Trump recently unveiled the newly refurbished tennis court at the White House, a project she had undertaken while seemingly oblivious to the current Covid-19 pandemic that has claimed almost 60,000 American lives so far.

“Happy Birthday, Melania – you’ve never looked better………oops,” posted Beelzebub @JamesVa74787989 over a photograph of Mr Trump and Stormy Daniels, an adult film actress who claims to have had an affair with the President, while he was married to Melania.

Michael Rapaport @MichaelRapaport wrote, “Happy Birthday Melania,”and posted a photograph of the Trumps together with Jeff Epstein, a disgraced American financier and sex offender who died in jail eight months ago.


Barren Drumpf @BarrenDrumpf posted, “Best THIRD lady ever!” poking fun at the fact that Melania is Donald Trump’s third wife.

“Hey… well done getting Ivanka’s second step mom’s name right this time, genius!” replied Jo@JoJoFromJerz to the president and posted a screenshot of a tweet by him in 2018 when he misspelled his wife’s name as Melanie.

Not all the tweets were negative though. Mrs Trump actually has a fan base that sincerely wished her a happy birthday.

“Happy BIRTHDAY MELANIA TRUMP. The Black community loves you and appreciate you so we made a very special video for you! We are honored to wish you happy birthday! You deserve more respect than you get. God bless you First Lady! Today is your day,” Terrence K. Williams @w_terrence posted a four-minute video compilation of people wishing the first lady a happy birthday.

“Happy Birthday to The Hottest First Lady!” said Joey Saladino @JoeySalads.

Another internet user pointed out that Joey Saladino is not the best representative of the nation, after a photograph of him wearing a swastika was revealed.

The swastika was the Nazi movement symbol and remains a sign for white supremacists.

The latest bashing comes days after President Trump caused internet uproar with a suggestion that people inject themselves with disinfectants in a bid to cure the coronavirus.