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Tuheshimiane! Sonko blasts Sakaja amid financial probe at City Hall

Mike Sonko has accused Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja of instigating a fresh financial probe over his dealings at City Hall.

In a video message, Sonko, who incidentally is Sakaja’s predecessor, described reports of irregular payments done during his reign as a smear campaign against him to assassinate his character.

“This question ( of financial dealings) was brought by the Senate Public Accounts Committee, it was prosecuted and it has now come again. We expected my brother, my good friend, my predecessor, Governor Sakaja, who maybe was present, to give good answers as per the records which are there,” said Mike Sonko.

He also claimed the Senate Committee is lying that 33 police officers were with him in Mombasa for 22 days on a working trip. He says he has never been in Mombasa for 22 days while he served as governor.

The flamboyant politican also claimed all police officers working for his government were attached to various offices but they all fell under the Office of the Governor.

He clarified that no billions were missing in light of the Auditor’s findings.

“These are diversionary tactics. These matters were already handled. Right now, Nairobi has lost money- money that I paid – by paying vouchers that I already paid. They are being recycled instead of paying genuine suppliers. People are recycling vouchers to pay lawyers twice or up to ten times. Billions are lost but why are people focusing on the Sh 4 million that I should be surcharged? Why didn’t they summon me to come and elaborate and give them records?

Governor Sakaja, be a man. Stop creating drama so that the media can publish stories that are lies. Stop those games. Call me there to come. The National Police Service has a list of all officers attached to the county. Where are their names? My police bodyguards were five and there is nothing wrong with them being paid per diems and allowances. They are human beings too, parent and they spend a lot of time in the cold (taking care of us),” said Mike Sonko.

On matters of missing county revenue, Sonko said he stopped cash collection and the money went directly to the bank. On some days, he allegedly collected Sh 100 million a day. He demanded the good deeds and projects he carried out in Nairobi County be the focus of his tenure instead of alleged missing monies.

“The peak is nigh. When the right time comes, I will throw myself into the ring. Those who don’t even know what happened but it would be wrong for me to talk about what is ongoing in court. Let’s end this smear campaign,” said Mike Sonko.

Last week, Nation.Africa reported that former Nairobi governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko was facing fresh investigations over financial malpractices during his three years in office. According to the report, the Senate watchdog committee called on the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission to open inquiries into the expenditure of billions while Sonko was the county head.

The Senate Committee’s chairman, Homa Bay Senator Moses Kajwang’ also recommended that Sonko be personally surcharged Sh 4 million that he allegedly paid 33 police officers who accompanied him during his 22 day trip in Mombasa County.

The Auditor General also found that Nairobi County should have reported annual revenue of Sh 19.74 billion but only Sh 10.1 billion was indicated in their financial statements in the financial year ended June 2018. In 2019, City Hall- where the Governor’s offices are- also under declared its revenues by Sh 3.87 billion. At question was also the payment for a controversial medical insurance cover for county staff which was contracted at Sh 1.072 billion but the County government paid Sh 1.72 billion. In the financial year ended June 2019, the county also reported annual revenues that were less by Sh 595 million.

Sonko’s sentiments came days after Governor Sakaja assured Nairobians that those who will be found to be culpable by the detectives in the alleged illegal payment of millions of taxpayers’ money to nine companies will face the music.

According to prior Nairobi News reports, the nine companies are Larsen Investment Company, Burasha General Supplies Limited, Tweem Limited, Future Link Limited, Cloud Mobile Technologies Limited, AR Pharmaceuticals Limited, Instabul Investment Limited, Ramecon Engineering Limited and Brigit West Limited. It is not clear how much the county government paid each firm but it is alleged due process was not followed in the payment.

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