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Turkana atrocities haunt Citizen TV’s Michael Njenga

May 7th, 2015 1 min read

A senior journalist has said memories of scenes from recent atrocities in Northern Kenya have given him sleepless night for a while.

Celebrated Citizen TV news anchor Micheal Njenga, who was assigned to cover the aftermath of the suspected inter-tribal attacks in Nadome, Turkana County that left more than 50 people dead, also expressed frustration on his official Facebook page of the consistency in which such attacks are happening in the country.

“I was in Nadome for two days and the things I saw will give me sleepless nights for a while…. I’ve been to the war zone I’ve seen death but seeing a lifeless… body of a women clinging to her two children all dead… Seeing a pregnant woman shot in the stomach with the feutus dangling by the side…. Seeing a three year old killed with a machete and many other gory sites made me shed a tear” Njenga wrote.


“Good people, someone needs to be behind the bars… Coz those guns and ammunition didn’t take themselves there. We need to replace those AK 47s with digging hoes…”

Njenga concludes by blaming the Government over the poor infrastructure in the area, a situation he says made it impossible for some of the affected to get help, alongside the tactics employed by the security agencies in curbing and fighting crime in the country.

“Some of those people who would have made it to the hospitals were there roads. But as usual we will have a curfew, followed by a two day disarmament then topped up with the fake talks by the leaders… Then two months later my colleagues and I will be sent to cover another raid..”