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Turn negative work energy into positive

By John Njiru November 22nd, 2013 2 min read

Every time you stare at things that reflect happiness and a healthy lifestyle, it is bound to rub on you and you will feel generally happier, however sour-faced you look.

That is what we call positive psychology and it generally means looking at the positive side of life whenever things refuse to go your way, especially in your work place.

This management tool, for it is a management tool, can reduce depression and other negativity induced by stress; in the end helping both workers and the business to flourish.

This is about being proactive rather than reactive, and, in its simplest terms, shifting the emphasis away from what’s wrong with a certain work situation (or situations), or what needs solving, to what is right, and then going after that.

Focus on what you’re good at

Not everyone is good at the same thing. You may not be good in public-speaking but you can be good in crafting those needful strategies.

Focus on them and avoid relying on the faults that you may possess.

Similarly, instead of obsessing over a goal you didn’t achieve, move on and focus your energy on current successes, and ones soon to come.

Practice small steps

Establish more attainable goals. While long-term goals that take a while to achieve are important and valid, balance them with incremental goals along the way.

When such smaller goals are reached, celebrate. Marking even small achievements will help boost energy levels and focus.

Find the positive in co-workers, and avoid the negative

There will always be colleagues who feel entitled to their positions and this may irk you.

Avoid getting obsessed with that kind of person; instead try seeking out positive mentors, colleagues, or others whose work you admire.

This way you will find peace in your daily undertakings.


As a manager it is rewarding if you share some of your skills with your employees, or colleagues.