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Tusitishwe! Karen Nyamu’s response after Samidoh’s wife says she is goat wives ‘Chairlady’

Senator Karen Nyamu has broken her silence after Edday Nderitu, Samidoh’s wife, proudly declared herself as the main woman in the marriage involving the controversial singer.

In a message on her Facebook page, the politician expressed that when one possesses pure intentions, God will always embarrass their enemies.

She wrote, “God will embarrass your enemies very early on a Sunday morning.”

However, a fan named Linda Resiato disagreed with Karen’s statement.

Linda commented, asserting that being involved with someone else’s husband can never be considered as having pure intentions.

She added that God is just and no amount of repentance can change that.

“Being with someone else’s husband can never be pure intentions…and God is just…no matter how hard one repents God is always just!”

Karen responded to Linda’s comment with a simple phrase, “Tusitishwee,” implying that she disagreed with Linda’s view.

During a vibrant dinner party organized by a group of Kikuyu women residing in the US, Edday Nderitu was invited and given the opportunity to introduce herself and address the attendees.

In her brief speech, she proudly identified herself as Samidoh’s wife and the chairlady of the Goatwives association.

“My names is Edith Samidoh and I am currently the Goatwive’s chairlady. Thank you Women of hope for inviting me her. She is the first person to call me if there is any issue back home.”

Edday’s recent video has shut down ongoing rumors circulating about troubles within her and the father of her three children, Samidoh Muchoki.

Edday Nderitu unfollowed her husband Samuel Muchoki alias Samidoh on Instagram.

A simple check of Edday’s Instagram by Nairobi News confirmed she stopped following her husband.

Edday is currently enjoying her vacation in the US with her three children.

It is not clear how long the mother of three will be spending in the US.

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