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Tusker job was mine, claims unhappy Koops

Former AFC Leopards coach Jan Koops has accused Tusker FC of ‘betraying him’ after the club appointed Francis Kimanzi as their new tactician.

According to Koops, he had finalised an agreement with chairman James Musyoka and was set to be unveiled this past weekend.

He was later suprised to learn that Kimanzi had been given the job by the same club he was involved in negotitions.

“I am surprised after learning that Kimanzi was given the job yet I had completed an agreement with the club which had agreed to hire me as the next coach. This is not fair at all,” Koops told Nairobi News.

“It is becoming a trend by chairmen of Kenyan Premier League clubs to back track on deals, this is very sad for the development of football in the country,” the Dutchman, 72, said by telephone.

Koops said he thought Tusker was a different club that acted professionally and honoured all deals it makes.

The coach insists he had even been offered a two-year contract. However, Tusker chairman Musyoki denied they had any agreement with Koops maintaining he was one of the coaches who was interviewed for the job.

“We interviewed a number of coaches for the post including him (Koops), Kimanzi, Zdravko Logarusic and we eventually settled on Kimanzi,” Musyoka said.

But Koops branded Musyoka a liar for dishonouring the agreement. He said: “If he is denying knowledge of the deal we reached, then he is a big liar”.