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TV anchor Ben Kitili responds to allegations of conning landscaper

KTN news anchor, Ben Kitili, has been forced to come clean on allegations that he conned a Nairobi based landscaper only identified as Rebecca.

According to the landscaper’s friend, Rebecca who posted her story online “shaming” the news presenter, Mr Kitili was referred by a friend and out of the trust she did the job without asking for a deposit upfront.

“Ben left for the coverage of that event for some days, when she was done she called him and let him know that she was done that he should do the necessary in terms of her payments, Ben stated that he was a bit busy with the coverage that she should give him a few days till he comes back home. Rebecca understood. She waited. Ben was done with the event, he came back home, Rebecca went to ask for her money, she found Amina, the wife, the wife claimed that it’s Ben to take care of her bills. Rebecca kept going for her money for days in vain. Now both Ben and the wife stopped picking her phone calls, she was blocked on wassup and her messages went unreplied. All security men on that apartments were told to tell her whenever she comes that nobody is in the house. Rebecca did nothing she just had to give up,” wrote Rebecca’s friend.


Her narration quickly went viral and the news anchor compelling the news anchor to give his side of the story.

“Look, there is something called value for money… if I am paying for a service and you provide a service that is below par I will pay for exactly that… it is how any smart person will do… should I accept to be conned just because I am on TV? Come on… I was born and raised in Nairobi… huwezi nigonga whether I am paying for nyanya at Wakulima market or paying for a taxi… this nonsense of thinking you can just overcharge someone because they are on TV needs to stop… and if you think that you can bully me with social media/internet just because I am perceived to be a “public figure” using a story which is 90% UNTRUE, think again,” wrote an agitated Kitili.

Users expressed mixed reactions over the incident with some accusing both parties of not being honest.

Others sided with the anchor stating that Kenyans have a tendency of maligning the names of celebrities just to make them look bad but to others this could have been a case of a celebrity using his influence to intimidate a businesswoman.