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TV girl Anita Nderu shares motherhood journey

Media personality Anita Nderu has shared her experience as a first-time mom.

The TV journalist noted her baby appears to have some appetite, adding the breastfeeding experience has changed the size of her bust.

She adds that the responsibilities that come with motherhood have kept her so busy that she has not been able to create content on YouTube.

She cheekily compared her daughter’s appetite with that of a Fundi (Technician) who are known to eat more than the average person.

“I haven’t even had the strength to shoot a vlog cause I need strength to laugh at my fun struggles. I am scared of shaking while laughing and wasting any milk ’cause I gave birth to a fundi,” she said.

“She can smell me wasting milk from a mile away and ensure I pay dearly for it during the next breastfeeding, I think she has teeth that retract and show up during breastfeeding.”

The new mum further joked she feels all her ‘sins’ have been sucked up by her daughter.

“I can swear a little bit of my soul and sins are sucked out of me every feeding cause my conscience has been feeling lighter lately. In case I’ve ever pissed you off and you’ve been wondering why karma doesn’t seem to have caught up with me,” she said.

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