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TV girl Anjlee Gadhvi opens up on ‘tough’ radiotherapy sessions in fight for life

K24 news anchor Anjlee Gadhvi over the weekend shared an update of the progress of her cancer treatment.

The journalist underwent just finished a seven-week marathon of radiotherapy that ended on Friday.

Anjlee was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2013 and has been in and out of the country for treatment.

Kenyans contributed Sh6 million in an hour back in 2015 for her treatment after she made a public appeal for funds on Kameme FM.

She thereafter travelled to India for surgery in January 2016 and eight months later was declared to be cancer free.

For the last seven weeks, the journalist has been undergoing radiotherapy sessions which she described as ‘tough’ in an Instagram post.

She wrote, “30 sessions, of 45 minutes each has been some tough life exams…being strapped in a single position with my arms stretched above my head has made this body sore.. Unpleasant side effects resulted in an inflammed throat, a tedious process of being unable to swallow or eat without pain???. Had a few burns on my neck and chest, and boy do I value how important burps are!! And flatulence!!!!!! Love them????, they are healthy. I would cringe in agony and suffocation when the air got stuck in my chest and I just couldn’t burp…?? Least to say, my energy was being sapped.”

Anjlee expressed her joy in finishing that phase of treatment.

“Finally this part of treatment is over….. Yes, despite the drama, I still decided to go to work for a few days of the week and look fabulous!! ??. There was no way in hell would I let any of this take away my smile, and gratitude for life and my passion for journalism. Had I not had the opportunity to learn certain life skills nor had an amazing and powerful spiritual teacher #GMCKS and Gods grace, I dont think I would be here,” she wrote.

The news anchor went on to share a clip of her happy dance while exiting the radiotherapy room with 30 sessions done and dusted.