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TV journalist Kennedy Muriithi opens up on catering business

By Wangu Kanuri February 5th, 2022 1 min read

Aside from his hectic schedule on the screens, TV journalist Kennedy Muriithi is a supporting father and husband.

In his latest move, Muriithi has helped support his wife by opening her a business, claiming she is a hardworking woman who deserves a chance to show off her skills.

“People use what is in their disposal. If my name is going to attract traction in Dee Dee’s kitchen, why not?” he gleefully said.

In an exclusive interview with Nairobi News, Mrs Muriithi says she began her business in March 2020.

Favoured by the Covid-19 times, the master degree holder who’d not been successful in getting a job turned her hobby into an income generating business.

“The restaurant business was ideal because of my love and passion in cooking. Dee Dee became the business title named after myself Diana but most people call me Dee,” she revealed.

While explaining that her aim is for people to enjoy quality meals at an affordable price, Mrs Muriithi added that the eatery located in Nairobi’s Valley Road area will also provide deliveries to various places in town and one could order anytime your breakfast, lunch and early dinner meals.

“Dee Dee is a joint venture as it is a family business as part of our savings and to supplement what Kennedy earns at NMG,” she adds.

While utilizing technology and the power of social media, Mrs Muriithi said that the business’s social media handles were active and provided a way for clients to place their orders.