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TV journalist Nana Owiti shares couple goals

TV presenter Nana Owiti and rapper husband King Kaka are fast becoming one of the most admired couples on the entertainment scene.

The lovebirds are known to have navigated through challenging spells in their relationship and emerged stronger.

And thus Owiti, in a recent question and answer session on her Instagram page, lifted the lid on the secrets of her this success, at a period their peers are struggling to remain in love.

“Rome was not built in a day,” she explained while calling for patience and understanding.

“For a relationship to work, you must put in the sacrifice, compromise, love, care, gentleness, and a whole lot of forgiveness. Remember lust rushes and love waits. If you walk into a relationship thinking love is enough baby that’s wishful thinking.”

“Communication is the key to a successful relationship,” she adds.

“Well, destroy that thinking. Comprehension is. You can communicate all you want but if the other party is not comprehending what you are saying then it’s just noise. In through one ear, and out through the other.”

Earlier in the year, Nana revealed that she’d dumped King Kaka after he cheated on her with singer Sage Chemutai, an affair that led to pregnancy, all while Nana was also expecting the rapper’s first child.

The couple separated for seven months before they decided to rekindle their love, after King Kaka, real name Kennedy Ombima, asked Nana for forgiveness.

The media personality and mother of two is a co-host at switch TV’s ChatSpot, a controversial show about current affairs in the entertainment industry. Nana also runs her online digital marketing work primarily through social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Owiti has also been praised for standing by her better half at a time he was seriously sick.