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TV journalist Trevor Ombija shows off his six-pack

He’s already a reputation as an astute journalist on matters of current affairs, but TV journalists also appear to have endeared himself to his female fans for different reasons.

The Citizen TV journalist recently shared a picture of himself while at the beach while only donning shorts offering his fans a close-up view of his torso.

Apart from the picturesque beach background netizens couldn’t also help noticing his muscular body and abs.

“#Lamu we came, we saw, we loved it…now we get back to work,” wrote Trevor alongside the photos.

The pictures excited netizens who shared their thoughts on his body.

“Alaaaaaar,” commented fellow news anchor Lulu Hassan.

“Wueh!!!! Ni Sawa tu,” responded Citizen News anchor Victoria Rubadiri.

“Damn that body!!!! @trevor_ombija,” said NTV news anchor Smriti Vidyarthi.

“Aki our sister in laws wako uku hurumia our brother’s  ume amua kuchukua wote kiongos,” commented karimi_ulemmeru.

“RIP to your DM bro Wabebe wote,” said sports news anchor Bernard Dong.

“Umeamua uchukue madem zetu bro ,” replied iam_jamie_jay.

“We want you to be presenting like that. We won’t complain ,” said kui_kirigo.

“Eish so this is what’s normally behind the suits,” said ma_malaika.