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TV journalist Willis Raburu shares gastric surgery experience

Willis Raburu says he’s lost 30kgs since he underwent gastric bypass surgery in August 2022.

The TV journalist shared his experience on his socials. He described the procedure as the greatest investment he’s made in life.

The Citizen TV presenter also revealed he was scared to undergo the procedure at first but he’s now enjoying the benefits of the brave decision.

“The greatest investment you can ever make is on you! When I decided to do Bariatric Surgery I was so scared, but I did it. 30kgs down so far. The journey continues,” said Raburu.

The media personality also promised to share more details about his weight loss journey soon.

“More on the same to follow soon,” added Raburu.

Two months ago, Raburu said the bypass surgery cost him close to a million shillings.

Gastric bypass is a type of weight loss surgery that involves creating a small pouch from the stomach and connecting the newly created pouch directly to the small intestine.

He said that he underwent the surgery at Nairobi Virtrit Hospital.

“Yes I went for gastric surgery here in Nairobi to reduce my weight. After the surgery, it took me some time to heal,” said Raburu.

He also said the surgery helps him reduce the amount of food that he eats.

“I used to eat more than six chapattis and visit KFC regularly. But now I don’t eat much. I know this is a lasting solution,” he said.

Before he went for the surgery, Raburu revealed that he was weighing 164 kilograms.

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