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TV journalists and their hilarious moments on air

While the charm and thrill of journalism are undeniable, there are often amusing, even hilarious, pitfalls that come with the territory.

In the midst of earnest reporting, the simple act of a pedestrian strolling by, an animal deciding to make an appearance, or an oblivious bystander suddenly becoming aware of the camera, are moments that occasionally place journalists in delightful predicaments.

These situations can transform moments from grave to a laughing stock. Here are some of the journalists who have been caught up in hilarious moments;

Leila Mohammed

The former NTV reporter broke the airwaves last year after she paused mid-live reporting and calmly protested against being pushed.

The seasoned journalist was giving an update from the Mukuru kwa Njenga’s polling station before pausing and continuing with the reporting.

Leila is famed for telling the crowd, ‘Mnanisukuma’ (You are pushing me). In an interview however, Leila explained, “When I started reporting there was no crowd behind me and it only formed after I was responding to a question posed.”

Sidney Chazima

Over the weekend, when the NTV reporter was reporting on how Azimio la Umoja leaders accused their Kenya Kwanza counterparts of exhibiting insecurity ahead of the fresh round of talks.

While he was doing the report, a pedestrian walked by removing food particles from his mouth with a toothpick before saying hi to the reporter.

Mr Chazima’s English words would then depart from him making mispronounce and burst into laughter. An attempt to rephrase failed.


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Beldeen Waliaula

The KTN reporter was reporting on how pastoralists had suffered from the loss of their livestock as a result of drought when the camels decided to be part and parcel of the recording.

Ms Waliaula however, did not flinch and continued reporting even as the camels walked by the camera blocking her view. The herder was also seen walking by directing the camels.

Alvin Kaunda

The KBC journalist was covering the biting drought and its effect on wildlife at the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, an elephant orphanage located in the Nairobi National Park when one elephant covered his face with its trunk.

The elephants had closed in on him, with one pushing against him and another tickling him with its trunk before covering his face. The hilarious moment caught on camera made the reporter burst into laughter when the elephants became too cheeky for him to continue.

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