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TV presenter narrates how doctors removed 21 fibroids from her uterus

Fatma Mohammed who presented the Pambazuka National Lottery Show on NTV has detailed her struggle with fibroids.

In a radio interview, Fatma detailed how her first diagnosis of fibroids showed only five growths, only for 21 more to be detected and removed during surgery.

She explained that the fibroids increased in number and size in a span of two years forcing the doctors to conduct a major operation.

“I was informed that if only I had sought treatment when the five were first detected then I would not have gone under the knife, a laparoscopy would have removed them,” she said during an interview on Radio Maisha.

After the surgery, Fatma was shown the growths that had been removed as is required in the medical field.


“I was shocked as the nurse showed me a whole bucket filled with growths,” she said.

Fatma explained how at some point, while in the studio filming the Pambazuka show, she developed leg pain which she ignored.

“When I got home the pain got worse and my leg started swelling. I started my local remedies but it later turned out I had developed a clot,” she narrated.

She advised women to always go for regular checkups and never to ignore any pain or swellings felt in any part of their body.

Fibroids manifest in the form of growths being felt in the lower abdomen that tend to cause pain during sex and menstruation.