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‘Twa twa’ pastor dishes out more free advice on ‘Game ya God’

Pastor Susan Munene of the Overcomers Hope Ministries Church has some more juicy advice for married couples on how to properly enjoy ‘Game ya God’.

It is important she said for the man and woman to pray before and after engaging in sexual intercourse.

This, she says, is because the origin of sex is God.

“It is very important to pray for this game, because the origin of this game is God. Na kama ni Mungu ndio alianza hii game, then we need to pray about it. I want to put a challenge from today before and after we must pray,” says Mrs Munene.

In November Mrs Munene was captured in video telling couples at her church the importance of sex in marriage and why they should have sexual intercourse all the time.

Sex, she said, is the only ‘game’ created by God, and for that reason it should be done anytime, anywhere.

She further revealed that the reason that makes her marriage to the pastor flourish is having sex whenever the craving strikes, be it in a car or in the kitchen.