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Tweep vows to expose online bullies to employers

A Tweep Muthoni Maingi has threatened to create a list of all accounts of users who issued threats to women after the murder of Moi University student Ivy Wangechi and share with potential and current employers.

Muthoni’s resolve came after varied opinions online about the murder said some men had threatened to kill any woman who would accept gifts from them and not reciprocate.

She had shared her reaction to statement by comedian Jalango who warned women not to accept men’s gifts without enquiring what their intentions were.

Muthoni then advised women not to accept Jalango’s gift and therein came a string of responses from other men that they too would not gift a woman without expecting something in return.

Some men shared photos of axes in the replies saying that would be the result of any woman who accepted their gifts without reciprocating.


Muthoni then resolved to share a list of the male users who threatened her in the post.

“Hi, I would like to create a Google Docs list of all the people that harassed myself, @scheafferoo and @chao_mbogho @bintim and if employers want it when cross checking a candidates background I am happy to share. The help I need is for you to tag there tweets under this one,” she wrote.

Her plan divided opinion online with some terming it as uncalled for while others lauded her for doing something about careless online users.

One user exposed a taxi driver on one of the hailing apps whose opinion justified Ivy’s killing and the employer responded asking her to share the ride details for follow up action.

“Good idea. I just heard some boda guys support her killer and now I’m like there’s no way I could ever use their services. This energy is evil. It ends up attracting negative vibes to u. I wouldn’t hire some1 like this,” Obadiah replied.


“Only petty employers will be interested,” wrote Jahmin.

“This is a good step forward .@NonieMG I will use it to inform hiring decisions in my organizations. For sure my group of companies will not hire from the pool nor offer procurement opportunities to such,” Woke African commented.

“In my opinion, people have a right to an opinion. Equally, you have a right to agree or disagree with these opinions. Btw this is some form of threat in itself. You are setting up a stage for discrimination on basis of one’s opinion. Maoni tu!” stated Kaydee.

“Look at all these men who are bothered by this. For most it’s because they know their names will definitely show up in this list. People get scared when their horrible actions could potentially affect their livelihood, but if this is what it takes to pass the message, I stan!” wrote Latoya.

“As the popular saying goes… If you can’t handle the heat get out of the kitchen… this is social media… it’s never sunshine and pillows… hii story na kueka watu list ya noisemakers is childish,” Hosemanpiper replied.