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Tweep’s attempt to lead ‘stone throwing’ mission to police station flops big time

A Kenyan’s attempt to troll the Kenya Police Service on Twitter flopped miserably after the account handler clapped back brilliantly.

The user, Churchoh, has tagged Kenya Police Service in his attempt to rally other users to a ‘stoning throwing’ mission to Kondele Police Post in Kisumu.

But the police, through the official account, clapped back by asking Churchoh if he intended to travel from Dar es Salaam, as indicated on his Twitter geographic location, to lead the mission.

The clap back attracted comments from other users who weighed in with replies.

“??… Si mKo RADA.. ?..Smoke mjamaa out,” replied Eng Kigunda.

“Patikana ????,” Faith Rose commented.

“Huyu naye akuwe deported??,” wrote Gilbert Bett.