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Tweeting Chief Kariuki graduates with a counselling degree

The tweeting Nakuru chief Francis Kariuki on Friday graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in counselling psychology from the Mount Kenya University.

Chief Kariuki ,who became the first administrative officer to use the social media platform to create awareness in his Lanet Umoja Location, used the same technology to study online.

The tech savvy official shared his graduation photos on twitter smiling in his crisp white shirt, a matching striped tie and black trousers inside his black graduation gown.

Chief Kariuki has over 50,000 followers on twitter having joined the platform in June 2011,  a year after being transferred from the Ministry of Education where he worked as a teacher.

He tweets about missing children, missing livestock, alerts on public barazas and robbery incidents.

Chief Kariuki’ s interest in technology has seen him get international recognition being awarded by Initiatives of Change, NGO a Giraffe Heroes Kenya Award 2014.

His love for technology has also been featured in the latest Mount Kenya University graduation newsletter where the institution states that he enrolled in the virtual varsity.