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Twitter apologises for error which updates users’ timelines randomly

By Hilary Kimuyu November 5th, 2019 2 min read

Twitter in July rolled out a new desktop design that added more customization options and a completely rearranged navigation experience.

But it came with a bug that constantly updates the timeline, regardless of what action the user is taking.

Users of the Twitter of desktop and application for iPhone have been complaining about how the error updates the timeline randomly as you scroll.

While scrolling users will see the last published tweets which is annoying, because it occurs at any time.

For example, the user may be reading a tweet in the middle of his timeline, or consuming a video, and the Twitter just “refreshes” and returns to the beginning of the timeline, preventing the reading or enjoyment of that particular content.

It also happens randomly when, for example, a new tweet is being written, losing its content or, hopefully, staying saved as a draft.

On Monday, Twitter officially apologised and said that it has detected the error and is working to resolve it.

“We know your timeline auto-scrolling on iOS is frustrating and we’re sorry for the inconvenience. We’re working on fixing this now. Thanks for sticking with us.”

There are many users who have complained in the social network itself. Some have even posted videos that show how this error is reproduced:

Everything seems to indicate that this “refreshment” car of the application would have to occur at all times, silently, while the user carries out any task in the application.

After launching their new design, which unlike the previous redesigns, opting into the new experience was mandatory.

The most noticeable change was that the top navigation bar was moved to the left sidebar, which contained bookmarks, lists, your profile, and a new explore tab.

Twitter then said that the explore tab had been brought over from its mobile app to feature more live videos and personalized local trends.

Direct messages (DM) also were revamped to show conversations and sent messages in the same window.

The desktop experience has since also got different themes and color schemes as well, including more two options for dark mode.