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Twitter boss reconsidering his planned relocation to Africa due to Coronavirus

Twitter’s Chief Executive Jack Dorsey is reconsidering plans to spend part of the year in Africa in the wake of Coronavirus outbreak.

During a month-long trip to Africa in November 2019 Dorsey announced plans to move to Africa for up to six months this year.

But on Thursday he told the Morgan Stanley conference in California that his announcement about his Africa plans last year was “a mistake” because he failed to explain his reasons for the move.

“When I tweeted about my intention to spend a few months in Africa this year, I made a mistake and should have provided more context about why,” Dorsey tweeted.

He explained that it was not a plan to “just hang out or take a sabbatical” but to help demonstrate the value of working remotely and to “figure out how to not be burdened by time zones.”

On Thursday, a Dorsey statement tweeted from the Twitter Investor Relations account said the plans are in flux.

“I had been working on my plans where I’d work decentralized, as my team and I do when we travel, but in light of COVID-19 and everything else going on I need to reevaluate,” he said. “Either way we’ll continue to pursue opportunities in Africa.”

So far 27 cases of Coronavirus have been confirmed across Africa in Nigeria, South Africa, Senegal, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco and Egypt.