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Drama as Twitter CEO’s Twitter account is hacked, again

The irony: Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey’s Twitter account was hacked on Friday afternoon by a group that calls itself the ‘Chuckle Squad’.

The hackers tweeted racial slurs, antisemitic messages and at least one Holocaust denial from Dorsey’s account. S

Some offensive tweets were up for about 10 minutes, though not long after the hack began, and they’re all gone now.

The account also retweeted posts such as ‘nazi germany did nothing wrong’.

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey.

The hack appears to have started at 8.45pm UK time with the initial tweet: “Shoutout Debug, Corey, NuBLoM, Joe, Owen, & Aqua #ChucklingHella”.


Another tweet said: “Intel is there’s a bomb at Twitter HQ”.

According to tech website The Verge, the hackers appear to be the same group who attacked a number of YouTube creators and influencers last week on Twitter.

Twitter tweeted: “We’re aware that @jack was compromised and investigating what happened.”


Later, Twitter pointed the blame at Dorsey’s mobile phone network provider, saying that “the phone number associated with the account was compromised due to security oversight by the mobile provider,” which apparently allowed the hackers to send the tweets using text messages.

The rogue tweets were sent via Cloudhopper, a service Twitter bought to improve its SMS service, which suggests Dorsey’s account may have been compromised by an authorized third-party app rather than obtaining Dorsey’s account password, reports TechCrunch.

The account was previously hacked in 2016.