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Twitter introduces Twitter Circle for small group interaction

Twitter has introduced another feature in its application which will allow users to have conversations with a limited number of people through Twitter Circle.

The company said that through Twitter Circle, users will now be able to send tweets to selected people and share their thoughts with a smaller crowd.

“You choose who’s in your Twitter Circle, and only the individuals you’ve added can reply to and interact with the Tweets you share in the circle,” the company said.

Users will also be able to choose Twitter Circle when they want the flexibility and control to send tweets to a smaller group.

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Users will be allowed to have one circle which will have up to 150 people. According to the company, anyone can be added to the circle even if they do not follow someone.

Once someone has been added to the circle, they will be able to see tweets and replies shared in that circle.

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The owner of the circle is the only person who will have access to the full list of people in his circle.

“Although people won’t see a list of circle members, when someone likes or replies to a Twitter Circle Tweet you share, members see your interaction, unless your account is protected. If someone in your Twitter Circle keeps a protected account, only their followers who are also in your Twitter Circle will see their interaction,” the company added.

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Also, users in the circle will not be able to use the Retweet icon to share Twitter Circle tweets on Twitter, or in their own Twitter Circle.

The circle is different from the Twitter Communities which offers people a dedicated place to connect, share and get closer to the discussions they care about most with anyone on Twitter.