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Twitter jeers as Joho flaunts his beautification project – PHOTOS

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho’s efforts to impress with his beautification programme appears not to be eliciting the positive reaction he anticipated.

Mr Joho’s government embarked on the programme whose flagship  project has been the relocation of Kibarani dumpsite.

The dumpsite has since been transformed into a recreational park.

The hard-to-please army of Kenyans on Twitter (KOT) are not impressed. They have faulted Governor Joho’s choice of animal sculptures to spruce up the park. Some of the animals like Reindeers, KOT reckon, do not exist in Kenya.

In addition, the use of turf surface instead of real grass has given the park a ‘plastic look’.

“What would a Reindeer that is not even Indigenous to Africa let alone Mombasa be doing at Kibarani Please @MombasaCountyKe simplicity is key in life. You started very well. Dumpsite closed, trees planted and you watered them growing really well. Turf & Sculptures is a NO,” tweeted Mohammed Hersi.

“Turf is a NO. Stop being lazy and grow grass and other vegetation. Plants convert CO2 polluted air to O2 and help cleanse polluted H2O,” said Joe Wangendo.

Sandra Fumbu suggested; “A botanical garden would be nice.”

Godfrey Kimenga wrote; “We need to build a culture of excellence if we are to develop this country. Kibarani project is a waste of money when there are so many critical problems in Mombasa.”

Rmajab commented; “Artificial turf?? Really Sultan! That’s a NO.NO .”

Alloys Musyoka said; “It’s purely nuisance and lack of touch to reality by those involved. Joho should make his officers pay for misusing money to do shoddy work there. That place need total natural green period.”

Mkanjala said; “Hata wangetengeza a huge parare(grasshopper).”

Ashikoye said; “Ukistajabu ya Nyayo Stadium roundabout Nairobi njoo uyaone ya Kibarani Mombasa.”

Shadi paul said; “I thought those were Antelopes.”