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Twitter outage takes down Tweetdeck, affects images and DMs

Social media platform Twitter has been hit by an outage which has seen users experiencing problems in tweeting, getting notifications, or viewing DMs.

Twitter has also acknowledged the outage stating that they are investigating the problem.

In a tweet, the company said it is working to fix the problem and promised to have the situation back to normal soon.

On Wednesday morning users had challenges in seeing new DMs as well as adding images, videos and polls to tweets.

Also affected is Tweetdeck which is a dashboard management app for Twitter users.

As result of the outage, Tweetdeck has been redirecting users to the standard Twitter screen.

Most people use Tweetdeck to get the most out of Twitter, like for real-time tracking, organization and engagement.

Users can manage also Twitter accounts, build tweet collections and schedule future tweets.

Tweetdeck is also commonly used by journalists and content creators to monitor news, trends and manage content from multiple accounts.