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Twitter slams Uhuru as a #CryBabyPresident in war on graft

By AGEWA MAGUT October 20th, 2016 1 min read

Following President Uhuru Kenyatta’s statements during Tuesday’s accountability summit, Kenyans have turned to Twitter with the hashtag #CryBabyPresident to share their sentiments on his conduct during the event.

Some people made light of the matter such as Mathenge Riguga, who said, “We woke up at 5 AM to vote and give you power. Now you tell us you are powerless. Can we buy you a powerbank?”

Cyprian Nyakundi posted a photo of the President, with the caption reading: “The Latest Cry Baby in Town.” Simon said: “Uhuru is acting like a mother who can’t rebuke…her children but goes around complaining about how indisciplined they are.”

Others expressed their concerns about the capability of the President to lead.


Bel Akinyi said: “Uhuru never wanted to be a president, he wasn’t ready, he was made. The people who made him are now controlling him.”

“On corruption; AG –We’ve done our part. Tobiko –We’ve done our part. Muhoro –We’ve done our part. Voters, do your part in 2017,” urged Ferdinand Orina.

Millan Ouma pointed out that, “in Kenya if you address corruption, people think you support CORD.”

However, a few people were on the President’s side like Nelson Makini, who said: “Kenya will never have a truthful president like Kenyatta….he says what’s in his heart.”

The summit has been trending on social media for the past two days, with the first of the tweets going up as the event took place.


Many of the comments made by dissatisfied Kenyans touched on corruption in the country under the hashtag #AccountabilityKe.

Rights activist Boniface Mwangi posted: “Men dressed in USD2000 (Sh200,000) suits, chauffeured in luxurious cars bought by our taxes are in State House for a PR exercise called #AccountabilityKE.”