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Twitter thrilled as Rosemary Odinga regains full sight

Kenyans on social media have celebrated news that Rosemary Odinga has fully regained her sight after two years of blindness.

Rosemary’s father, opposition leader Raila Odinga also described the news as a ‘miracle’.

“I am so elated. The family is really excited and happy. This is a miracle,” said Odinga. Here’s what Kenyans on Twitter had to say:

“One more reason to be happy and celebrate God! Waaaa, Rosemary Odinga has regained her eyesight,” said media personality Felix Odiwour aka Jalang’o.

“God’s grace is sufficient,” wrote George Franklin on Twitter.


“He (God performs wonders that cannot be fathomed. He performs miracles that cannot be counted. God bless her (Rosemary and her family abundantly,” Eric Amerix added.

“Dearest Rosemary Odinga, In February when we met, I asked you to let Jesus send you the Pool of Siloam.. I’m truly humbled you went. The Lord we worship is a true Living God. Give thanks to three,” said prominent lawyer Donald Kipkorir.

“This is amazing and sweet, Rosemary Odinga regains sight after two years, God bless the amazing soul,” Captain Dominic Omondi wrote.

Rosemary suffered the loss of sight after suddenly falling ill and has since been treated by specialists in Kenya, South Africa, Germany, and India.

“I felt alone and had to quickly learn to use the sounds and movements of people to tell who was around me. Those were the most trying moments of my life,” she explained.

She spoke at a church service on Christmas day.