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Twitter to share emails of subscribers with content creators

Content creators will now be able to take their subscribers with them if they decide to Twitter as the platform will give out the email IDs of subscribers who have opted in.

The new development was announced by Twitter’s Executive Chairman Elon Musk on Wednesday. In a tweet, Musk said Twitter will from now on provide subscribers’ email addresses to content creators.

The move will allow content creators to easily interact with their subscribers outside Twitter.

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Musk’s tweet has been widely appreciated by users and his followers, who also asked about what other changes he is planning to implement on the platform.

“This platform will provide email addresses of subscribers (who opt in) to content creators, so that creators are able to leave this platform easily & take their subscribers with them if they want,’ Musk tweeted.

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One of the major concerns among content creators who rely on social media platforms for communication and marketing is the lack of control over their audience.

For instance, if a creator has amassed a following of about 1 million followers on platforms like Facebook or Instagram, the suspension of their account could result in losing their entire audience which took years of hard work and investment to build.

By allowing content creators to export their subscribers’ email addresses, Twitter is empowering them with full control over their email lists, thereby instilling trust in the platform.

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Twitter has also announced an update to its Edit Tweet feature, enabling Twitter Blue subscribers to edit their tweets for up to one hour after publishing.

The announcement was made through an official statement from the Twitter Blue account confirming the new time extension.

Originally introduced in October of last year, the Edit Tweet feature allows users to make changes to their tweets within a specific time frame from the moment of publication.

This window was initially set at 30 minutes, but with the recent announcement, it has been extended to a one-hour time frame.