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Twitter users skewer ministry officials for measuring fish

June 21st, 2018 1 min read

Dar es Salaam.

Social media users have reacted after Tanzanian officials from the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries Development entered the Parliament canteen to measure the size of fish.

The officials’ move has since gone viral on social media with many creating a challenge, portraying what transpired at the Bunge canteen.

One Twitter user, Mwanahamis Singano whose handle is @MSalimu posted two photos; one showing ministry officials measuring the length of fish using a ruler and second one of a cartoon showing a fisherman using a tape to measure fish inside a pond before fishing.

The photos were captioned: “This is #Tanzania where a convoy of men shows up in a restaurant and measures the length of cooked fish. If the #fish happens to be 2 centimetres less you will be fined. What should we call this? I need creative ideas!.”

@Sajjo L.M shared a video clip showing the ministry officials measuring the fish, and captioned it “be reminded to carry a ruler when you are going to buy fish, lest you face the law.”

There was another image showing a man with ruler tattoo on his foot at the beach, which was used to measure fish fresh from water.

The photo was captioned: “The best tattoo ever”.

On his instagram account, popular blogger Issa Michuzi also posted a joke where four sardines appeared to share a plate with a ruler.

Also @Semkae posted a tape measure on his twitter account saying it should be a starter pack before going to buy fish