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Twitter wags somehow link boy child to lost male elephants in Laikipia

A herd of lost male elephants in Laikipia county has brought out the best of humour from Kenyans on Twitter.

It all started when the Kenya Wildlife Service tweeted a picture of the five male elephants wondering on  a busy road in the county.

KWS said the elephants lost their way as they migrated from Laikipia to Mau, resulting to a detour to Timboroa forest dam.

KWS advised locals in the area to exercise caution to avoid any cases of attacks.

“Rift Region Update: A herd of five male elephants on migration from Laikipia to Mau have lost their route and are wandering around Timboroa forest dam. You are advised to exercise caution if in this area,” tweeted KWS.

Twitter wags had a field day coming up with hilarious explanations on why the five male elephants got “lost” particularly on a Friday.

Jack Abira wrote; “How do you use 1. ‘Five male elephants’ 2. ‘Have lost their route’ 3. ‘Wondering around’ in the same sentence? Can’t you see this is a plot well planned & executed? Didn’t you do the same in high school? Come-on give the lads a break. Let them adventure. They now know Timboroa.”

Goliath Akers suggested; “Maybe they’re running away from their problematic wives.”

Count Olaf said; “They probably walking away from their troubled unions.. Probably looking for a bedsitter to cool off away from toxic relationship.”

Erick Cheruiyot commented; “Fridays and males loosing directions going home.”

254Native said; “They just had to be male, and am here wondering why I lose my way back home every weekend. It’s just in the male species, sio kupenda kwetu.”

Apex X claimed; “Kuna mmoja wao amedai anajuwa base iko na madame.”

Rose Odondi asked; “Are you sure they are not looking for girls?”

Matata JM commented; “It’s normal. Mark you, they are male and all of us the male species are bound to lose our way on Fridays. I am sure on Sunday they will be safely home at Mau.”

Jsciru wrote; “They aren’t just wondering wanatafuta one of their slay queen.”