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Two Busia men leave locals in shock after swapping wives – VIDEO

By Gaitano Pessa September 10th, 2019 2 min read

Two couples in Busia County have left locals of Siroba and Namuchula villages in Matayos and Butula Constituencies in utter shock after they swapped partners.

The two women, Lilian Weta aged 28 and a mother of three, and Millicent Auma, 29, a mother of two, said they took the bold but rather unusual step over what they termed as incessant quarrels that destabilised their marriages.


In a more shocking confession, Ms Weta said she was forced to seek love elsewhere after her husband, Kevin Barasa, married another woman about a month ago.

After he married Ms Auma, Ms Weta said she decided to revenge by eloping with her husband, Mr Christopher Abwire, and went ahead to formalise their marriage three weeks ago.

“Sometimes last month my husband came home with a woman in the evening and told me she was his cousin. He ordered that I cook for her and prepare where she would sleep,” said Mrs Weta at her new home.

Upon interrogation, the supposed visitor, who was wearing Mr Barasa’s jacket, threatened her with a knife and boldly informed her that the house now belonged to her and she should leave.


She added that the husband told her she was free to get married to another man since she had no place in his house.

She then called her siblings who advised her to leave the house and go back to her rural home.

During that period, Mr Abwire who was Auma’s husband, was looking for his estranged wife who had left home a month ago.

However, his efforts were cut short with reports that Auma was already cohabiting with another man.

It was during this moment of shock and disbelief that Ms Weta visited his home lamenting that her marriage had also collapsed and that her husband was now with another woman.


The two then decided to stick together following their similar love predicaments.

With his wife gone, Mr Abwire convinced Ms Weta to stay with him and even told her to go pick her children and settle with him.

Mr Barasa expressed satisfaction with the new but strange development, saying he is more than happy in his new union.

“Since this woman came here, I am at peace. I am no longer having sleepless nights as before. Everything I need she gives me,” said a seemingly relieved Mr Abwire.


On the other end, Mr Barasa said he is okay with his new wife.

“I will never try to follow her since she was a burden to me and I never loved her.”

Villagers led by Mr Hector Osuru expressed their shock over the actions of the four.

“I have never witnessed such a thing in my life. Since they are mature and sound people, we respect their decision. It is their lives.”